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Jacki Vause is the Founder and CEO of Dimoso PR and Co-Founder of Global One Communications. Named as one of PCR’s top 30 women in mobile, Jacki has vast experience as a proven tech entrepreneur, with more than 9 companies under her belt, and wears the crown of business leader, mentor, Grit Daily author and PR communications savant.

Jacki’s experience encompasses leading entertainment companies such as the BBC, Channel 4, Disney and Angry Birds; expertly managing major consumer brands including Mazuma, Apple, GE, AT&T and Panasonic; and successfully growing gaming giants like Rovio and Gismart.

Jacki has wanted to do a podcast for AGES…and that is where Lyle comes in!


Lyle Fulton has been a professional actor for the last 6 years. Since graduating from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in 2016, he has worked extensively on stage with the likes of the Young Shakespeare Company and OVO, and on screen in a variety of short films and ad spots across the UK. In 2021, Lyle took the plunge and finally acted on a long-held interest in the world of PR, applying to become a member of the team at Dimoso. The rest, as they say, is PR!


As a team, Jacki and Lyle have worked together for well over a year, and they could not be more excited to finally get this podcast out there. Make no mistake - The Rest…Is Yet To Come!


Join PR guru and CEO of Dimoso, Jacki Vause, and actor-turned-PR apprentice, Lyle Fulton, for an in-depth look at one of the fastest, most varied industries in the professional world - PR.

Jacki and Lyle will be joined throughout the series by guests from a variety of industries, all of whom will present their own unique opinions on the world of PR and media relations.

When it comes to expertise, anecdotes, and professional advice, this podcast is the best of the rest. The rest? Well…The Rest Is PR!



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A Podcast by DIMOSO

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Series 2 Episode 31 - The Rest Is...Work Experience (With Sam Crowe-Lamont...and a special guest!)

This week, Jacki and Lyle are joined by not one but two brilliant guests! Sam Crowe-Lamont is currently interning at Dimoso, working with the team on UA, UX, and the digital side of the agency. Our mystery special guest has also been doing some work experience with Dimoso, and he has a particularly close link to our very own Jacki Vause! Both guests discuss their own experiences of work experience both past and present, with Sam discussing how he has always been someone who has been keen to pursue the more business-oriented side of life as opposed to focussing too heavily on the educational side. He discusses his own foray into crypto-currency when he was 16, and how his suspension from school a year or so later for starting an unauthorised sales business was actually praised by his mum for showing entrepreneurial spirit! Our other special guest opens up on his recent work experience at Dimoso, including constructing a website entirely dedicated to football transfers, and his work creating assets on Canva. Lyle and Jacki discuss their own work experience history, including stories about sculpturing and local print journalism! There is also time for each of our guests to offer some words of wisdom for anyone about to embark on their own work experience journey.


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