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A Podcast by DIMOSO

A brand new podcast from the creators of the rest is pr...

Jacki Vause and Lyle Fulton are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new podcast - The Rest Is...Alcohol! Dimoso CEO Jacki and actor, musician and writer Lyle, the team behind The Rest Is...PR, will be presenting a spin-off podcast on the subject of alcohol, alcoholism, and people's relationships with drinking. The pair open up about their own experiences with alcohol throughout their lives, with Jacki having been completely teetotal for a number of years now and Lyle having changed his mindset when it comes to drinking after an incident last year.


This brand new podcast will be an open and inclusive look at the landscape of alcohol across the world. Jacki and Lyle will welcome guests from all corners of the alcohol landscape, including people who have experienced alcoholism in their lives, those who are in the middle of recovery, as well as professionals from the alcohol industry, including breweries, charities, and everywhere in between!


So join Jacki and Lyle as they embark on a journey of discovery into the world of alcohol. When it comes to podcasts on this vast of all subjects, they might just be the best of the rest. The rest? The Rest Is...Alcohol.

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The Rest Is...January In The Hospitality Industry

This week, Jacki and Lyle discuss recent comments made by certain experts and professionals within the hospitality industry that have highlighted how an increase in people doing 'Dry January' has led to lower performance figures than they expected, and how statements like these can set a dangerous precedent when it comes to the importance we place on drinking alcohol in pubs and restaurants. Lyle analyses how he feels these industry experts are paying attention to the wrong metrics considering the increasing desire by many pub-goers to engage in a non-alcoholic beer or two at social events, even going as far as to say they might see more impressive numbers if they analysed these stats in detail as non-alcoholic drinks can be consumers at a slightly quicker rate! Jacki discusses how pubs, restaurants, and the hospitality industry at large need to do far better when it comes to providing a range of non-alcoholic drinks including wines and spirits, mentioning a landlord friend of hers who himself doesn't drink, but acknowledges that the range they offer at his pub could be better. There is a note of hope to end on, as Lyle opens up about his recent experiences in pubs where non-alcoholic beers like Lucky Saint are now increasingly available on draft, with the hope that this only becomes more prominent in the months and years to come!


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